Influencer Relations for EA

“Star Wars: Battlefront 2”

The EA Action Game “Star Wars: Battlefront” was a huge success with core players.

With “Star Wars: Battlefront 2”, EA wanted to enhance the target group and also excite female players about the game, which is why they included a female protagonist.

But those potential new customers needed to get informed about this novelty in a cool way.

Electronic Arts goes female with Star Wars: Battlefront 2: We developed a cosplay influencer approach

We approached the – in the world of cosplay famous – costume and prop designer Svetlana Quindt aka Kamui Cosplay for a cooperation and challenged her to create 3 videos about designing a real-world costume of the protagonist Iden Versio.

She happily accepted – and actually delivered much more than that, because of her love for the Star Wars brand. In the end, Kamui Cosplay created over 80 posts throughout Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Overall, the cosplay influencer reached over 5.680.000 contacts within our target group – and EAs new potential customers.