Influencer Marketing for EA

Finding the right target audience

We were challenged to create a unique influencer campaign for the iconic “The Sims” brand. The key target group of this game is far from the core gamers: Only teens. Constantly connected, video- and image-driven, but tough to reach by traditional media anymore.

We wanted to address them in a fresh way that fits their way of media consumption and at the same time maximize awareness for the franchise. One of the most popular games: The Sims by EA. But how to reach the young and female target group of this game? With fun influencer activities.

Our multi-channel campaign focused on trending platforms: Facebook is for moms, the girls are found on Instagram, YouTube and We carefully chose trending topics for our campaign that fit to the respective expansion of the game to show its broad range. For example, to get the Fashionistas involved, we used the Instagram Challenge “Outfit of the day”: Popular fashion influencers rebuilt themselves as SIM characters – and dressed them with their real outfits. Or think of the SIMS Cats and Dogs expansion: We reached the owners of selected “pet-fluencers” – they rebuilt their famous cat or dog as a SIM character and posted the result. With tremendous success: We generated 4,3 Mio net reach across YouTube and Instagram.