Social Media. It’s so simple

Send a tweet, make a sale

You got that covered, right? Video uploads to Youtube. Livestreams on Twitch. Sure. Instagram? Check! What about That’s just for teens?! Of course!
Or nah? Is Snapchat in Germany still a thing? Is Pinterest still around in France?
But you’re brand is on Vero already, right?

… don’t worry, we’re just messing with you! What we’re trying to say is this: Whatever you do on Social, please do it right. Right means several things: First, choose your channels wisely. We are happy to help you find the ones that fit for your goals – and sort out those that are already yesterday’s news. Or have changed. Such as blogs: People might not read long texts anymore on a certain website.
But they enjoy great podcast content during their commute. They read articles on their LinkedIn feed. They engage with discussion threads on Twitter. In short: content. And the hub for your content might still be a good old blog to begin with.Once all of that is set, we’ll help you find the right approach to your target group.

Sneak preview: Nope, it’s not the quick sales pitch. Instead, we create content with real value to your followers and friends. And finally, there is always feedback. Approval, but not exclusively. Questions. Complaints. Trouble. Probably the number one reason, why some major brands still struggle with social. If you struggle with this, let us know.

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