Public Relations for EA

to enable a sportive community

The Electronic Arts FIFA-game is one of the most popular games across the globe. Especially in a Fußball-crazy nation like Germany. But every year, there is a new one out – so, to keep the ball in the game at all times, it is important to establish a long term relationship between journalists and the FIFA game brand throughout the year.

Because a love brand needs continuous relation management and care to stay a love brand. Working on the EA SPORTS FIFA brand is an amazing challenge. We helped strengthen the community feeling among the FIFA journalists with a multinational press tournament. The “FIFA-Presscup” is a yearly tournament, embraced by key journalists all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Up to seven local events attract more than 250 journalists each year in order to determine who the best FIFA player is.

The fuzz begins much before the actual tournament: A closed Facebook group prepares the contenders in advance. This relation management helps build a community out of the journalists writing about FIFA, while at the same time connecting them more tightly to the brand as EA is also active in the group. The actual tournament consists of several qualification events and a grand finale.
Let’s play!