Public relations are more important

and appreciated than ever

The debates about fake news and media hysteria show us one thing: Professional public relations are more important – and appreciated – than ever. With infobits travelling the globe via social media in no time, an intelligent and credible strategy that overarches all channels and works hand in hand with social media activities is vital for any brand.

From global PR concepts to local PR activities, we help companies of every scale with their communication tasks on a daily basis.

Classic storytelling is in our DNA, but for us, public relations don’t stop with traditional media. Because these days, Influencer and Social Media Marketing has become a significant part of our PR work. Yes, we feel you – Influencer Marketing is sort of that popular song on the radio, that’s been played so much that you already hate it. But be honest, you also kinda still like it, because: oh my, it’s so popular.
And ta-dah: It even works! Oh yes, it is here to stay. Just like the Internet. Youtube is the new Television, and influencers are the new journalists or at least, definitely the new opionion leaders. Let us figure out what this means for your business and make it happen.

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