Shop-in-Shop Solutions for Microsoft

Digitalizing the PoS

Microsoft’s products are well-known. But the features and benefits of each and every product? Not so much …

To present the Microsoft world in a tangible yet informative, innovative and digital way, a clever strategy with different solutions for their shop-in-shop areas was needed. Our job was not only conception and design, but also production of the furniture & digital development of all related software using our own solution skreeens, as well as the rollout and ongoing maintenance of Microsoft’s shop-in-shop areas and POS touchpoints. PoS Solutions for Microsoftare in use in store all across GSA

We combined different POS measures into one digital experience. To ease the information flow between company and customer, we worked on the FactTags:so far, the company informed about each product with an analogue tag – involving new tags with every product update and therefore a lot of maintenance. We developed digital FactTags that can easily be updated centrally, on every POS – both reducing workload and giving a more up-to-date impression.

In addition to that, we also digitalized and centralized other workflows, such as changing the campaign motives on Tabletop-Displays. A special creative area in a major retail store in Hamburg, where customers can draw on a Surface device and their drawings are directly transmitted to a TV wall, adds the extra wow-impression.