Point of Sale furniture

For the global brand Microsoft

Microsoft is present all around the world. For a POS strategy, that means: Lots of different key products. Different core target groups with different levels of digitalization. Different kinds of shops, malls, presentation areas.

Still, it’s one brand: Microsoft. Understandably, the headquarter in the US was looking for synergy effects with their US POS furniture and ordering the same furniture for all around the world. Our main challenge was accompanying a global brand in the national markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and be of help at every step of the implementation.

Microsoft is a global brand – yet there are local specialties at every retailer, which need to be handled.

Each retail brand, such as, for example, Media Markt in Germany, has its own shop design and requirements on size/shape, etc. Therefore, globally-produced furniture does not necessarily fit. The retail landscape simply is not “one size fits all”.

We stepped in – early in the development process of Microsoft and helped them find out the different specifications for all the retailers in GSA – so that we could tailor-make the furniture to each market’s and retailer’s needs. We assisted not only with consulting and design work, but also with production and rollout. Afterwards, we helped with the implementation as well.