The Point of Sale used to be

a very clearly defined location: A store

Nowadays the PoS is everywhere. People make purchases wherever they are: at home with their laptops, on the train with their tablets, even in a boring meeting with their smartphones. Still, certain products they will want to experience for real at their retailer of choice. Yes, experience – the PoS, in one way losing field to the internet, is in the other way even gaining importance as the place where customers can use all their senses to – literally – get in touch with your products. The PoS is becoming a showroom, where brands come to life.

Losing sight of which client is doing what and when on their customer journey? Don’t worry. We can set up the best Channel Management strategy with you – and help you to understand the German market, if you are an international brand. Once that’s clear, we accompany your customer with you to the actual PoS. With creative and unique PoS furniture, we make the visit at the store more fun, more interesting – in short: With more added value. In order to drive your sales, of course. Oh, and we have some cool ideas for digitalizing your retail purchase experience as well. Turning customers into ambassadors in another surrounding than just Amazon ratings is only one of them. Let’s have a chat about it…

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