Eventmarketing for Warner Bros.

Bringing the LotR franchise to (party-) life

The Action-Adventure “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War”, belonging to the Lord of the Rings universe, was about to be launched by Warner Bros.

Interactive Entertainment – and something as powerful as this game did not need some ready-made event marketing approach, but the Big Bang activation during Gamescom it deserves.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment launched their new Lord of the Rings-Adventure “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War”. We arranged the biggest Gamescom-Party ever

We took gamescom event marketing to the next level by celebrating the launch with a massive event for all target audiences: Media and Influencers, Community, and also Sales, Retail and B2B premium contacts.

Accommodating more than 1.600 guests, our location of choice was separated into three areas: A dancefloor with Star DJ Martin Solveig. A gaming lounge where the guests could not only try out the game, but check it out on the brandnew Xbox One X consoles of cooperation partner Microsoft. And finally, there was an outdoor area with food, drinks and an Orc camp, where the world of Lord of the Rings was really brought to life. There, 20 Orc-Cosplayers entertained our guests throughout the night, while the Evil Flames heated the scenery further with their fire fountains.

Fans who could not participate were able to watch – and envy – the crowds in Cologne via livestream on Twitch.